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Robert Scholes Robert_Scholes at brown.edu
Sun Mar 9 17:19:33 EDT 2008

Colleagues--I am pleased to announce to you that a digital edition of 
Poetry: A Magazine of Verse from 1912 to 1922 is in the process of 
appearing on the Modernist Journals Project web site.  Additional 
volumes will be added over the coming months, and missing issues will 
fill any gaps in the volumes presently available.  Working on this 
edition I have been impressed over and over again by the vitality of 
the magazine--not only the stunning array of modern poets who 
appeared in its pages, but the intensity and lucidity of the critical 
debates over the proper form and content of modern poetry.  As Dryden 
once wrote of Chaucer, "here is God's plenty"--but in this case, 
Harriet Monroe was the supplier of the plenty.  She deserves more 
recognition as a major shaper of modernism.

This digital edition is based mainly on copies of the original 
issues, with covers and advertising intact, supplied by the 
University of Chicago Library, supplemented in some cases by copies 
from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and Tulsa University's 
McFarlin Library and by the MJP itself.  We are very grateful to 
Chicago and the other libraries for their support of this project.

I urge you to explore this new resource, and to think of ways to use 
it in your study and teaching of modern culture and literature.

Bob Scholes

Robert Scholes
Professor of Modern Culture and Media (Research)
Director Modernist Journals Project
Brown University
RS <http://www.brown.edu/Departments/MCM/people/scholes/default.html>
MJP <http://www.modjourn.org> 
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