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Dear Lou Caton --

Yes, you may wish to try some of the newer psychologies on the moderns:

1)  Lisa Zunshine's *Why We Read Fiction: Theory of Mind and the Novel.*
Ohio State UP, 2006), esp the chapters on Woolf's *Mrs Dalloway.*

2)  Joe Carroll's many works:  1)  *Literary Darwinism* (Routledge, 2004),
and his soon-to-be published essays:  2) a survey, with Jonathan
Gottschall: "Human Nature and Agonistic Structure in Canonical British
Novels/Late 9th & Early 20th C."  3) his co-authored essay "Quantifying
Tonal Analysis in *The Mayor of Casterbridge*"  *New Psychologies and the
Moderns* (work-in-progress).)

3)  my own *Striking at the Joints: Contemporary Psychology and Literary
Criticism* (Univ. Press of America, 1996), esp. Chapter 3 on *Sons and
Lovers.* and Ken Womack's essay (Chapter 1) on Forster's *A Room with a
View*" in our co-edited *Reading the Family Dance: Family Systems Therapy
and Literary Study* (Univ of Delaware Press, 2003).

I hope these help?


On Wed, 23 Jul 2008, Caton, Lou wrote:

> (please excuse any duplications; I initially sent this inquiry to the
> wrong list address - apologies)

> Dear Colleagues, duplication, as I initially sent this inquiry to the
> wrong list.)

> Do list-members have favorite theory / critical texts that they assign
> for graduate classes in literary modernism?  I plan on mostly teaching
> American modernism but would be interested in other directions, as well.
> Are there single-author works that give a philosophical presentation and
> include the impact of Emerson, Nietzsche, Darwin, Freud, Bergson, and
> James?  For example, I like an older text, The Matrix of Modernism;
> however it is out of print.  Any favorites that you might have that are
> relatively inexpensive and short, that would be great.  I am considering
> The Cambridge Introduction to Modernism but it includes much more than
> just literary modernism.  Of course, I will be interested in gender,
> race, and ethnicity but only as they refer to the literary arts.

> Thanks very much!

> Lou Caton - lcaton at wsc.ma.edu - Westfield State College

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