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Nancy Gish ngish at usm.maine.edu
Tue Jul 22 12:01:52 EDT 2008

Dear Professor Bagchee,

I have a paperback copy of the Harcourt edition of 1964 (copyright 1934, 1936 by HBW).  If anything on it will help you, let me know.  In it is also a small survey about courses and the statement that it is a complimentary copy.  I'm not sure what you want to find out, but if the title page or publishing information in it is of use, I'll be glad to let you know what it says.
Nancy Gish

>>> Shyamal Bagchee <shyamal.bagchee at ualberta.ca> 07/22/08 9:26 AM >>>

Dear Colleagues,

I am currently looking for information relating to the publication of  
TSE's SELECTED POEMS (Penguin, 1948; Faber, 1954; HBW, 1967).  Any  
help will be greatly appreciated.


Shyamal Bagchee

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