[Msa-discuss] Kristina Wilson on MoMA, At the Modernism Seminar, Harvard Humanities Center, 9 Dec 2008

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Will this session be on podcast or any other format? This is something I kn=
ow many people would like to hear! =

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arvard Humanities Center, 9 Dec 2008

Dear Colleagues,The third fall session of the Modernism Seminar at the Harv=
ard Humanities Center is coming up next week.  Please join us if you are in=
 the area to hear Kristina Wilson speak on"The Art of the Exhibition: MoMA =
and the Making/Marketing of American Modern Art, 1929-1937"Tuesday, Decembe=
r 9th, 6:00 pm, 133 Barker Center, Harvard Humanities CenterKristina Wilson=
 is an Assistant Professor of Art History at Clark University. Her numerous=
 articles and essays on American modern art and design from between the Wor=
ld Wars have appeared in The Art Bulletin, Winterthur Portfolio, and the re=
cent exhibition catalogue on the Soci=E9t=E9 Anonyme (2006), among other sc=
holarly venues.  She is the author of Livable Modernism: Interior Decoratin=
g and Design During the Great Depression (2004).  Her current book, The Mod=
ern Eye: Stieglitz, MoMA, and the Art of the Exhibition, 1925-1935, is fort=
hcoming from Yale University Press in 2009.	We hope you'll be able to atten=
d the talk, which includes discussion after the presentation.  There is fre=
e parking at the Broadway Garage, on Felton between Broadway and Cambridge =
Street.  Just tell the attendant that you're participating in an event at t=
he HHC.Details about the Center, including a calendar of events, are availa=
ble at http://www.fas.harvard.edu/~humcentr/.Best wishes,Peter Nohrnberg, H=
arvard University, nohrnber at fas.harvard.eduJohn Paul Riquelme, Boston Unive=
rsity, jpriquel at bu.edu, http://people.bu.edu/jpriquel/Co-Chairs, Modernism =
Seminar =

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