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Editor, Gregory F. Tague

Credentials:      Ph.D., Associate Professor of English, St. Francis Colleg=
e, N.Y.  Author of  ETHOS AND BEHAVIOR: The English Novel from Jane Austen =
to Henry James (2008) and CHARACTER AND CONSCIOUSNESS: George Eliot, Thomas=
 Hardy, E.M. Forster, D.H. Lawrence (2005).

The aim of this work is to focus on the non-dramatic works of the early per=
iod of modernism in England with an emphasis on the origins and development=
 of key writers and poets.  Other such studies date to the mid- 1980s and 1=
990s (Michael Levenson, Sanford Schwartz, Stan Smith, e.g.) and tend to lea=
n heavily toward intellectual history or poetics.  This work strives to inc=
lude  a broad mix of thought as to the issue and the purpose of modernism i=
ncluding literary and cultural economics, anthropology, mythology, impressi=
onism and the use of architectural space, with some attention to publishing=
 (the emergence of literary magazines, the use of literary reviews in creat=
ing a =93public=94 for new writing).  Also, as opposed to some edited colle=
ctions, research is not confined to a single genre nor strays from the focu=
s of literary as opposed to other modern movements then in creation.  Vital=
 currents of modernism such as literary feminism, secular humanism, Darwini=
sm, visual aesthetics, place and placeless-ness, the postcolonial, and Angl=
ophone reception are also discussed.

The writers and poets discussed include Ezra Pound, T.S. Eliot, Wyndham Lew=
is, T.E. Hulme, Thomas Hardy, F.M. Ford, Joseph Conrad, Arnold Bennett, Vir=
ginia Woolf, Walter Pater, =93Michael Field,=94 Henry James, Olive Schreine=
r, Oscar Wilde, D.H. Lawrence, Katherine Mansfield, E.M. Forster, Wole Soyi=
nka, and Derek Walcott.

~ Testimonials ~

=93I enjoyed the book [. . . and] I learned a good deal from it [. . .] The=
 book is a vivid constellation of intelligences working on an elusive subje=
ct. [. . . .] The essays in =93Origins of English Literary Modernism, 1870-=
1914=94 are suggestive, alert interpretations of something that is less tha=
n an entity but more than an apparition; not a movement to be apprehended b=
y the diverse methods of literary criticism, history, philosophy, economics=
, and aesthetics, but a cultural impulse, one of many in its time, which th=
ese disciplines find seriously engaging. Gregory Tague=92s book clarifies t=
he subject without claiming to nail it down.=94

- Denis Donoghue, University Professor and Henry James Professor of English=
 and American Letters, New York University.

=93This substantial volume  organized around thematics of Origins of Englis=
h Literary Modernism  allows essays on the fin de si=E8cle to talk interest=
ingly to those on Edwardians and Georgians and they in turn to studies of e=
arly modernist masters.  The emphasis on genealogy of modernism holds the v=
olume together but does not keep individual essays from fresh and interesti=
ng explorations, little magazines in the fin de si=E8cle, Bennett=92s early=
 criticism, historiography in Vernon Lee, Baedeker in E. M. Forster: a rich=
 and interesting collection toward study of the long twentieth century.=94

- John Maynard, Professor of English, New York University, and Co-Editor of=
 Victorian Literature and Culture.

Release Date: 10/2008; Copyright:  2009;  ISBN: 978-1-933146-48-5/193314648=
-6; Price (Cloth): $79.95; Trim Size: 6x9; Pages: 439; Index: Yes; Bibliogr=
aphies: Yes; LC/CIP: Yes.

Academica Press, LLC
Box 60728 Cambridge Station
Palo Alto, CA 94306
Contact:  Robert Redfern-West
650) 329-0685 / www.academicapress.com<http://www.academicapress.com/>

[Table of Contents]



Tyrus Miller,
Wrong From the Start: Value, Print Economies, and the Emergence of Modernism

Elizabeth Foley O=92Connor,
=91A Splendid Forlorn Hope=92: Fin-de-Si=E8cle Little Magazines, Modernism,=
 and the Public Sphere

Jason B. Jones,
The Middlebrow Prophet: Reading the Future of the Modernist Novel in Bennet=
t=92s Early Criticism

Charles Sumner,
T.E. Hulme, Wyndham Lewis, and the Cultural Economics of Pre-War London

Carme Font Paz,
=91For the Progress of Women=92: An Approach to Womanhood in the New Woman =
Print Culture of 1890s Britain

Lori M. Campbell,
Thomas Hardy, Modern Folklorist, Folk Modernist: The Creative/Destructive (=
Male) Gaze and the Spectral Females of Hardy=92s Wessex

Elizabeth A. Primamore,
The Androgynous Imagination and Modernism: Virginia Woolf, =93Michael Field=
=94 and Walter Pater

Robert McParland,
The Joseph Conrad and Ford Madox Ford Collaboration: A Bakhtinian Reading

Sheng-yen Yu,
The Contingency of Silences in Henry James=92s The Wings of the Dove

Gregory F. Tague,
Crisis in the Ethics of Self: From Frankenstein to Dracula

Alex Moffett,
Modernist Memory and the Failure of Bildung in Forster=92s The Longest Jour=

Mitchell R. Lewis,
Civilized Savages: D.H. Lawrence and Primitivism

Divya Saksena,
=91Only Connect=92 the Beast and the Beautiful: The Secular Humanism of E.M=
. Forster and D.H. Lawrence

Yevgeniya Traps,
Making It New: Imagism, Representation, and the =93Matrix of Modernism=94

Daniel Moore,
Modernity, Historiography and the Visual-Material History of Rome: Vernon L=
ee=92s The Spirit of Rome

Allan Johnson,
=93You are not, not, not to look at your Baedeker=94: Renovation of Space a=
nd the Mediating Presence of Baedeker=92s Northern Italy in E.M. Forster=92=
s A Room with a View

Wayne Stables,
Spectres of the Symbol: Towards a Reading of Virginia Woolf=92s Early Ficti=

Timothy C. Vincent,
Einf=FChlung and Virginia Woolf=92s Visual Aesthetic

Monika Gehlawat,
=93The Conscience in Deliberation Behind the Eyes=94:
Post-Impressionism and Katherine Mansfield=92s =93Bliss=94

Tom Henthorne,
Modernism, Liminality, and the Postcolonial Aesthetic

Katherine Isobel Baxter,
Soyinka, Walcott, and Modernist Circulations of African Aesthetics

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