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Tue Feb 13 12:11:50 EST 2007

We are extending the deadline for the submission of proposal for Byron 
and Modernity until March 1, 2007. Would you please post the following 
updated cfp to the Msa-discuss list members.


Hallie Marshall

Please note that the deadline for submission of proposals has been 
extended to March 1, 2007.

Keynote speakers: Professor Christopher Ricks, Professor Jerome McGann, 
and Professor Tilottama Rajan

Submissions are invited for “Byron and Modernity” an international 
conference, sponsored by the University of British Columbia, to be held 
in Vancouver at the Coast Plaza Hotel and Suites October 26-28, 2007. 
We welcome papers that explore the way Byron and Byronism have been 
interpreted since the Romantic period, in Byron’s reception through the 
nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and the place of Byronism in 
fashion, popular, and print culture. But we are especially interested 
in papers that take Byron’s presence in modern culture as an 
opportunity to address wider questions surrounding modernity and 
modernism. If “the modern” marks the time when the subject left the 
safety of the local to experience the world, if modernism celebrates 
change itself as the driving force of global power, to what extent is 
Byron, the cosmopolitan wanderer and genius of self-promotion, an 
exemplary, if not pivotal figure of modernity? The Byron circle might 
be called the first avant-garde: what part did the figure of Byron play 
in other modern avant-garde movements or in the development of 
criticism, theory, and culture that followed them? Byron was a social 
critic and a fashion icon: his work straddles high and low culture, 
aristocratic pretension and bourgeois consumerism, the power of the 
mind and the experience of the body. What can his influence tell us 
about similar contradictions in modern poetry and literature? What 
might Byron’s presence in popular culture and, by contrast, his 
relative absence from critical culture tell us about culture generally 
in the modern world? We are less interested in Byron the man than we 
are in “Byron” the idea, a specter of art, power, and transgression 
that haunts modern consciousness.

Proposals of 500 words for 20 minute papers may be sent by email to: 
byron07 at interchange.ubc.ca
Deadline for submissions: March 1, 2007 (Original deadline: January 31, 
Conference website: www.english.ubc.ca/PROJECTS/byron_conference
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