[Msa-discuss] CFP: Digital Poetry Redux, to/from Modernist Poetry (04/01/07; MSA ‘07, 11/01/07-11/04/07)

Lori Emerson lori.emerson at gmail.com
Thu Feb 15 17:16:27 EST 2007

Call for Papers: Modernist Studies Association Proposed Panel
Digital Poetry Redux, to/from Modernist Poetry
Annual Meeting, 1-4 November 2007 (Long Beach, CA)

This panel proceeds from the premise that digital writing and
communications media have altered our understanding of what it means
to read and write, and therefore these media offer us new perspectives
on earlier "bookbound" writing.  As such, in this panel we will upset
the tendency to create a neat historical progression of writing that
moves from one medium to the other by rereading modernist bookbound
poetry (from 1910-1945) through the lens of the digital and, as a
consequence, rereading digital poetry through the lens of modernism.
For example: can we understand F.T. Marinetti's call for cinematic
"words in freedom" in terms of flash-based digital poetry?  Are
Tristan Tzara's chance-generated poems related to computer-generated
and/or mediated works?  Can we offer a more sophisticated reading of
visual poetry and/or poem-objects by poets such as Guillaume
Apollinaire via digital poetry by, for example, John Cayley which
takes place in a 3- or 4-D poetry environment?

Please send 250-word proposals with a paper-title and a short
biographical blurb describing your work and your institutional
affiliation to Lori Emerson, lori.emerson at gmail.com, by 1 April 2007.

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