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Robert Scholes Robert_Scholes at brown.edu
Tue Feb 13 16:08:25 EST 2007

Colleagues--I return apologizing for the disruption my earlier 
questions caused, but now, since I am addressing only those who are 
interested in discussion, I feel more at ease.

This message is to announce a new feature of the MJP web site (URL 
below in the signature).  We have introduced a teaching unit.  What 
we hope to get from you, to begin with, and other teachers, as we go 
along, are materials from courses on modern periodicals that you have 
taught (especially courses that have used the MJP digital archive, 
though not limited to such courses).

We would like any or all of three things:

1.  course syllabi (with level and date)--this is most important
2.  reading and writing assignments for each course--would be quite useful
3  samples of student work from each course--very nice to have (with 
permission from the students, of course)

We would also like a sentence or two of biographical information 
about the teacher, which we hope you can provide.  If you send the 
materials to me, I will arrange to get them up on the site.  (Please 
don't send them to the whole list.  I don't want to get in trouble again :'( )

If you have questions, please ask me (not the whole list).  But do 
look at the pages on the site first.  Just click on the word 
"teaching" in the site menu.  You will find there the first three 
entries, which, as it happens, are from people whose names you are 
likely to recognize.  But we want this to be open to everyone from 
teaching assistants to venerable scholars who are willing to share 
with us their course syllabi and other materials.

We also want it to be open to those who might like to use this 
material as a point of departure for courses of their own in modern 
periodicals.  Feel free to download and use these pedagogical concepts.

My best wishes to you all,

Bob Scholes

Robert Scholes
Professor of Modern Culture and Media (Research)
Co-Director Modernist Journals Project
Brown University
RS <http://www.brown.edu/Departments/MCM/people/scholes/default.html>
MJP <http://www.modjourn.org> 
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