[Msa-discuss] CFP submission

Cristanne Miller ccmiller at buffalo.edu
Sun Feb 4 17:56:48 EST 2007

Hi, Judith,

We've been in the midst of active discussion about what to do with the 
various MSA listserves, given that a number of members asked to be 
unsubscribed from the listserve following the lively discussion 
generated by Bob Scholes' questions. Because so many people were unhappy 
at receiving frequent email, we set up a separate msa-discuss list, and 
then decided to give ourselves a week or two to let the dust settle 
before deciding what kinds of tings should be posted on the regular 
msa-listserve.  Your CFP for an '07 MLA session is the kind of thing we 
WILL now keep on the main msa-members-listserve.  Probably you sent in 
your CFP right when we were in the middle of deciding we didn't yet know 
what to decide.

If you send it again it should go through--or send it directly to Cliff 
and he can make sure it goes through. Thanks for bearing with us and 
with this extended process.

Hope you're well.


judith wrote:
> Hi,
> About 2 weeks ago I submitted a CFP for the 3  Dec. '07MLA Prose Fiction
> sessions.  I got an email back saying it was being "reviewed" for
> consideration but never heard anything more and obviously you haven't posted
> it.  Can you tell me why?  It seems as valid as any other CFP that's been
> posted.
> Best,
> JLS ( past member of MSA Exec. Comm.)

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