[Msa-discuss] Conrad queries

John Peters jpeters at unt.edu
Mon Aug 6 12:43:43 EDT 2007

I am editing a collection of early commentary on Joseph Conrad and have
come across some quotations and the like that I'd like to identify but
have been unable to do so. If anyone recognizes any of these, I'd
appreciate the help. Thanks in advance.

John Peters

The items are as follows:

1. I came across a statement apparently by Conrad (or perhaps someone
else) regarding The Shadow-Line that "it was not a trifling effort of
memory 'for a youngster of sixty.'" Any ideas from where this quotation
might have come?

2.  In reference to the 24 volumes of his works, Conrad is supposed to
have said to a friend: “I must make it a round twenty-five.” This
sounds like something from one of Curle's works, but I haven't found the
quote. It wasn't in the Preface to Suspense or any of his pamphlets on

3.  William Lyon Phelps said the following about Conrad: “Conrad has
the Slav passion for reality, a veritable genius for profound analysis.
He seems to me to be a permanent figure in the history of the novel.”
Does anyone know where this comes from? It would have been said

4. George Sterling referred to Conrad as “our dead King of Pessimism,
not excepting Hardy.” Does anyone know where this comes from?

5. Hugh Walpole is supposed to have said of Conrad, "Here, surely, if
ever, is genius--the possession by a divine spirit of man's earthy
clay." It is not in any of the three editions of his book on Conrad. Any
other possibilities?

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