[Msa-discuss] Query RE Academic Writing

Helen Sword h.sword at auckland.ac.nz
Thu Aug 2 23:30:44 EDT 2007

Dear MSA colleagues,

I'm sending the following message out to colleagues in every academic field
I can think of and would be most grateful if you'd respond briefly to the
questions below, and also forward my query to colleagues in various

Query RE Academic Writing

For a book tentatively titled 'Academic Style' (an oxymoron?!) I am seeking
comments and recommendations from colleagues across the disciplines.   How
do you define 'stylish' academic writing?  Who are some of the most stylish
writers in your field?  What makes their work a pleasure to read?  

Please forward this message to academic colleagues and listservs, and email
your own response off-list to Dr Helen Sword (h.sword at auckland.ac.nz).  All
replies will remain completely confidential.

Thank you for your help, and apologies for cross-posting!

Helen Sword
University of Auckland

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